5 Tools For Perfect Hair In The New Year

Perfect hair sounds like a dream and honestly, for some it probably is, but for those willing to put in work, and use the best tools you’ll be a dream come true.

Since your day job and life commitments eat up any time that you have for researching we have done some of our own. We have tested each product and can tell you without fear, it has helped achieve that perfect hair we all want and seek. 

Remember full commitment is important otherwise you’ll only achieve 50% of your goals.  It’s like working out all week and eating McDonald’s for breakfast and Dairy Queen before bed. So that’s why finding the right tools will help you achieve your beauty goals 

Silk Pillow Cases

Silk is very unrated and we are pretty sure that is because you never truly want your good secrets getting out. Silk is a frictionless surface that will help mitigate damage, and can also help prolong the look of your recent blowout.  It doesn’t only help your hair, but your skin also, helping it stay youthful and retain moisture. This tool for perfect hair is our top pick if you find you wake with damaged locks every morning.

Women sleeps with her head on a pillow and a phone laying next to her.

Silk is produced from domesticated silkworms that are bred and raised in captivity.  They are spoiled and pampered, which helps produce a fine silk fiber with little or no chemical exposure.  In contrast to the fabrics that require pesticides and other chemical treatments before turning it into a material fine enough for the bed.

Detangler Brush

If you are a hair extension user you know the importance of a good hairbrush.  You need a product that will not rip out your hair or get stuck in your locks. Lucky for you, we did some research and happen to have our favourite extension detangler in stock. 

You want something that fits snug in your hand, with teeth that are not harsh and are flexible. This way if you get stuck and pull the brush will move with you, rather than work against you. This is not your mom’s detangler, don’t worry - we like your hair and want you to keep it on your head, not in your brush. 

Check out our newest JBI Hair Brush Here.

Oils & Sprays

Depending on your hair, you may want to try using an oil or a refreshing spray on your locks.  You may wonder why this is a tool for perfect hair, but again it truly depends on your hair and sculpt oils. If you are naturally an oily person, you may want to hold off on adding any additional oil to your hair, this is where a nice spray can come into play.  Let’s break them down a bit more.

Oil: A great hair oil we enjoy using is NUXE Huile Prodigieuse. This product is made for your complete body, and we love the way it will make you smell, but other than the smell, why else is it good for your hair? The repairing qualities of botanical oils are why.  Argan and Almond Oil can be used to restore and improve the suppleness of hair.  The best part is you can apply it as a mask before washing, massage deeply into your scalp and let it sit for 10 mins


Spray: Using a hair texturizer, such as our Sea Salt & Mango Cream spray can not only give you a fresh boost of energy but also your hair will feel uplifted and fresh. The Beach Waves spray has an identical salinity to the Atlantic Ocean providing you with that fresh off the beach vibe and sexy textured hair. 

Hair Wand

This is where hairstyling gets fun. Celebs across the globe have been raving about the Mermade Pro Waver and we can see why.  This pink beauty is the perfect hair tool because it takes no time to learn or use. Creating the biggest, bounciest, waves you have ever seen in only seconds, the Mermade Hair 32mm Professional Waver will make your hair dreams come true. 

The new edition has an exclusive design that waves your hair 50% faster than the previous model, which only means good things for you and future tools. Also, they are making sure to keep the ceramic top of the line.  Their advanced ceramic barrels are new high-grade ionic ceramic, protecting your hair from unnecessary damage.  This weaver will seal those cuticles, infuse all that moisture and eliminate frizz, creating nothing but shine and waves.  

The auto shut off feature and 2-year warranty help make this a top tool for all hairstylists. 

Micro Towel

So if we were going in order of waking up and doing your hair this product should move right to the top. If you have never had the joy of using a micro towel, you need to jump on it now.  Last year one of our favourite beauty blogs, BYRDIE, wrote about 11 Microfiber Hair Towels that dry hair fast.  Check out the article here

It turns out the sooner you can get the water out of your hair the better it will help your hair regain strength. Hairstylists are recommending Microfiber towels as they wick water out of hair quickly and more thoroughly than cotton towels, helping keep the hair healthy and reducing frizz. 

Best way to use it?  Wrap it around your head tightly for at least 10 mins before applying any products. Your hair will thank you by drying faster and retaining its natural curl pattern, should you choose to diffuse it. 

POC taking eye makeup off with a beautiful smile.  She has her hair wrapped up in a towel and looks as if she has just come from the shower.

There you go, 5 tools for perfect hair, but remember you can have all the best tools in the world. It is up to you to make sure you treat your hair right, use the right products on it, protect it from the harsh elements and of course love yourself inside and out, with or without perfect hair.

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