Private Spray Tan Training

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Master the art of sun-kissed radiance as you delve into the world of spray tanning. Our comprehensive training covers everything from technique and product knowledge to skin preparation and aftercare.

📚 Course Highlights:

✨ Hands-On Practice: Gain practical experience on various skin types.

✨ Customization: Learn how to tailor spray tans to individual preferences.

✨ Product Mastery: Understand the different tanning solutions and equipment.

✨ Client Care: Discover the importance of client consultation and aftercare.

✨ Certification: Receive a certification upon course completion, enhancing your professional profile.

Whether you're a seasoned beauty expert or just starting your career, our Spray Tan Training will equip you with the skills to provide a flawless, sun-kissed glow for your clients. Join us and become a spray tan pro!

This includes start up kit.