About Us

My hair was really thin, and it always seemed to stop growing at a certain point around my shoulders. I was always so envious of the girls with long curly hair and wearing extensions allowed me to have long beautiful locks.

 I went to a salon and bought fusion hair extensions. They were beautiful, blended well and I received so many compliments. I was obsessed. I felt so confident and nothing could bring me down. I have been wearing hair extensions ever since!

 I researched my favourite, FAST methods to install your hair extensions and sourced the best quality and have made them all available to you here. I wanted a line of extensions that was inclusive of everyone, that you could wear every day and conquer the world!


As the market for hair extensions rapidly continues to grow, we believe that you should not have to resort to outrageous pricing or inferior quality hair extensions. Here are a few reasons why you should choose, Just Bought It Hair:

  • 100% Human Remy Hair: Our extensions and hair replacements are all made with 100% luxurious and long-lasting human hair
  • One-stop Shop: We carry hair extensions and accessories to help you achieve your dream hair.
  • Inclusive: We strive to be an inclusive, safe environment to be yourself!
  • Superior Quality Control: We individually hand-pick each package and check for quality consistency for each batch of hair extensions.
  • Enthusiastic Customer Service: Our team of industry professionals are readily available to ensure that your experience is effortless and fun!

Please contact us below if you have any questions, comments or concerns (or compliments!) You can also email us at info@justboughtithair.com.